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Recent Praise for Ofer’s Services

Ofer was a pleasure to work with during my consultation/healing session. Very easy to release and intake the energies given. He can transport you to a space of tranquility as well as shift negative energetic fields and help you to visualize and realign your Chakras for optimal clearing. Even with a short session it was highly effective with lasting effects.
Love and Light,


I am proud to say. I meet Ofer through a friend of mine who assisted me in starting me on the path to myself (SOUL). I had been using a Shaman prior but I wanted to try something new. When I had my first encounter with Ofer, I felt amazing. 3 days later, I was still so happy. I hadn’t experienced this in a long time. So after this experience, I will work with him more. He is absolutely wonderful. He is patient and a listener. He never cuts you off and makes you feel unwanted or unworthy or gets angry. He explains it clear and precise. When he’s finished, you’re not sore inside your body. It’s all Divine. I look forward to one day working side by side with this incredible Guru.


Ofer’s service was very professional & very helpful. I really enjoyed him & I highly recommend his services to everyone.