“Working with Ofer has been very liberating, empowering and rewarding experience. When I met Ofer, I was perhaps in the most challenging health crisis of my life. I was desperate to find some answers. With wide arrays of techniques/tools and a very impressive clairvoyant ability to tune into different realities and dimensions, Ofer was able to go to those uncharted territories to facilitate changes at very deep levels. I experienced many moments of magic/miracles during our sessions which I described them to be “out of this world”. They were not only tremendously healing for my body, also insightful, powerful and so in-depth for the evolution of my soul.

Ofer has been incredibly generous with his time and teaching/sharing what he knows. He went to extra length to support me energetically during the challenging times of my intense physical symptoms on many occasions. He has also taught me quite a few simple yet powerful tools which I use daily for my own healing. He empowers me to see who I truly am and encourages me to recognize my own gifts which have been hidden and unknown/forgotten for a long time.

I have a such profound gratitude for what Ofer has done for me since we met. I am so very fortunate to have him to be my healer/teacher and guiding light on this journey of self-discovery and self-transformation.”

W. Yu Irvine CA

“Ofer is an attuned accelerator that is able to assist with empathy and effectiveness. His vast array of experiences make him the perfect fit for those who need practical connections bridged with alternative ways of seeing and being. Anyone would be lucky to work with him.”


“Working with Ofer is an amazing experience. He is helping me to loosen and leave behind some of the blocked energy which has encumbered me. His gentle and thoughtful ways allow so many shifts with great ease. I am so grateful to be living my life with greater flow.”


“Ofer Niv has an uncanny ability to see the energies, blockages and the underlying topics in a person. In our sessions he leads me through a compassionate and structured approach to clear deep sabotaging patterns within me and to empower me by retrieving my skills and innate wisdom. I feel very fortunate for having experienced his genius and recommend him highly.”

Sabine, Germany